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    About Us


    Bonus Metal Canada Inc. is a Montreal based company specializing in purchasing, processing and selling of various forms and types of non-ferrous scrap metals. We are one of the few independently owned companies in Quebec, Canada. Founded by Hyman and David Singerman, we are family owned and operated with three generations of family and over 50 years experience in the non-ferrous metal industry.


    For over fifty years Bonus Metal Canada Inc. has been known for it’s exceptional customer care and it’s excellent quality standards, we are committed to the complete satisfaction of our customer’s needs. With our State of the art equipment we are able to collect, sort and process all forms of scrap metals in order to provide foundries, mills and smelters around the world with the best quality product packaged to any specification.


    Our suppliers range from local scrap dealers to large multinational corporations we offer fair price quotes that correspond to current metal market prices. We also offer services for the industrial manufacturing sector that produce scrap metal. We are equipped with roll-off containers, self dumping hoppers, tote boxes and other material handling devices you may require to efficently and safely handle your scrap by-products.

    Commitment to Quality

    At Bonus Metal Canada inc. we are committed to quality, to prove our commitment we are proud members of