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    Bonus Metal Canada Inc.

    Experience is everything and we have been around long enough to know what makes our customers happy. Buying from or selling to Bonus Metal Canada Inc. means trusting a company that puts your priorities first. Whether it comes to competitve pricing, prompt deliveries or personalized service, we make sure that every business deal is one to look forward to.

    Based in Montreal North, Quebec, we specialize in the purchase and processing of a variety of scrap metals. Our facility is equipped to handle , sort, package and ship metal to your specifications.

    The metals shown here are only a sample of the most common items that we process. To find out more about other metals that we handle, please contact us.

    Non Ferrous Metals

    We Purchase, Process and Sell various forms and types of non ferrous scrap metal.

    Buy and Sell

    Please contact us at: Tel: 514-321-4820